Vilros USB Controllers preset inputs on PC

Not sure if this is the place but I couldnt find an option for controllers or peripherals. I have the Vilros USB 5PAK controllers with a sega NES SNES N64 and a PS dualshock all with usb connections. I run retroarch on a win10 PC. I am able to use the remap function in retroarch to properly assign keys but often A and B are reversed. Or the controller does not seem to register the inputs. The more interfering issue, which is the real question here is. When I do get the mapping to work there is then what seems to be a hardware default inputs. Examples of these are the L3 button on the dual shock always bringing up a generic keyboard. That and the SNES A button is a pause. These prevent these buttons from being usable in game. The SEGA controller also maps completely incorrectly, but I have less familiarity with sega systems. But I know Die Hard Arcade only has 3 buttons A B and C, not only are the in the wrong order but the button corresponding to punch, IS PAUSE, this makes punch unusable.

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To include I have deactivated all the hot key mapping except for the menu overlay. Im trying to say I already turned off the FF pause functions in the hotkey section in settings.

If it’s recognizing the controllers incorrectly, your best bet is probably to delete the offending autoconfig profile and then make your own to your needs.

However, hotkeys typically aren’t part of autoconfig profiles, so that’s probably not what’s causing your pause issue. This is often caused by something external seeing the gamepad events and translating them to keyboard events that are then picked up by RetroArch. Steam cause do this with its input interception layer.

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Im not very familiar with editing the autoconfigs. The ones in my folders arent readable files if I were to try and open them. I know theres a program for configs, but my limited studies led me to think it was its own emulator not just a config program. I actually have my original SNES controllers and last year had bought a connector for SNES to USB so i tried my original controllers and theyre even worse. First off the retroarch settings recognize them as the 2 port adaptor and my only real options are to switch between port one and two, I have the original SNES controller plugged into that and the bumpers and A are all that work. The start select wont even register when manually setting the controls in retroarch. when I manually set the controller even when I set it the D-pad only works for up, press down press up, the result is up. It registers as mayflash usb adaptor N64 (1/2) adapter but is a SNES to USB adapter. There is technically no issue with pause yet cause i cant even get the Dpad and buttons to work. Is there a recommended high quality controller that is the standard recommendation to use on a windows PC. The vilros ones arent exactly what I would call expensive and I believe you often get what you pay for. But when I first used them they did work better than they are after this reinstall. And the often recommended use the originals doesnt seem to work for me either. I did check out steam to see if there was anything I could do there and didnt see anything that looked like it was preventing it, I also couldnt set it when I could see it in steam.

Im running an experiment. I have some high quality NES controllers that I got a while back, Im digging those out to see if they have a better result.

The autoconfigs should be human-readable. They’re just text files. Nevertheless, you don’t need to actually read them, just look for what it reports your controller as in the notification and then delete whatever autoconfig has that name.

You might also try changing your gamepad driver to see if different ones treat you any differently.

The 8bitdo controllers are well-supported, as are DS3/4 and Xbox 360/one/series X pads. Logitech’s pads typically work well, too.

Thank you, Ill look into learning more about the congifs. Its kinda funny, im being quite pedantic about this because, I have an elite which was working fine, and If I turn it on I bet it will work fine still, but I wanted the nostalgic experience of playing on the older smaller controllers, theres a tactile nostalgia to it. And that has been preventing me from playing this whole time as I try to learn about controller setups. Previous to my reinstall, I had the SNES one working just fine without the pause issue from what I remember because I was playing a lot of desert strike, and im pretty sure it uses all the buttons of the controller, but then I did a reinstall to get the entire program to work properly with all cores, but now ive created controller issues for myself. My friends refuse to give me advice as they find it a futile experience to try this on my windows pc rather than to just go pi. But my computer can run them, so id like to. So far ive gotten much farther than most of them had said would even be possible. I always new there would be issues like how to translate a wii mote into a pc input. but I didnt expect that flycast would refuse all my controllers. I also have little interest in wii, just missed that generation. GC was my last Nintendo generation that I have original controllers for. Im not made of money, but this is my hobby, so id be interested in getting the controllers necessary. Which is why I got the vilros 5PAK to usb, I knew I was going budget, but vilros seemed to be a common reputable company in the scene. And to be clear, the quality of their product is good, its most likely my user knowledge that is the bigger issue, and their construction and fabrication is solid. Im yet to try the elite with the flycast. I think ill check that out after the NES controllers finish charging.

Good news update: the ZNCMRR original NES wireless usb works perfectly. So the solution is I need higher quality controllers probably with better firmware. And as for the flycast it recognizes the elite perfectly as well, so now I got Daytona USA and Mario 3 that I can play and I will eventually need to acquire higher quality controllers for the other systems via USB connections. So to recap, I think the vilros controllers are very nice, but theyre probably designed to work with stand alone pi systems rather than my PC.

So funny story I have a sim rig, hence why I can run so much of this smoothly, but my g920 says it doesnt recognize when i start up retroarch but is a controller option in my settings. Think I can get the G920 to work with Daytona USA, ill practically have my '94 youth in my bedroom. Yes I know its the equivalent of a racecar bed. Vroom vroom.