Virtua Fighter 2 with no sounds

I got Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter 2 .bin and .cue file to run with Retroarch. Tried these four cores and only sucseeded with Yabause but with no sounds at all. Do you have any idea of what I am missing to make it? Screenshot_20230215_031857|690x341

The copy I have of the game has full sound with it while playing through the Beetle Saturn core. You might try a different copy of it as well and see

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Make sure you are loading the cue, not the bin


3/4 cores which I showed in the screenshot, they say ‘no item’ when I run both .bin and .cue… Only Yabause is successfully working. I tried two different sets of .bin and .cue files to no avail. Do you think I need to prepare some bios files for those cores? And is the location of cue file right to be “downloads” folder? Thank you!

Yes, you need bioses for saturn emulation. When using a core, i recommend reading its documentation at


I’ll check the documentation. Thank for telling me!

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