Vulkan Driver For The Raspberry Pi - Run Quake 3 with Vulkan 100+ FPS

How to compile on a Raspberry Pi

Install prerequisites

sudo apt-get install cmake

Clone RPi VK Driver

git clone cd rpi-vk-driver mkdir build cd build

Run CMake

cmake … -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Build project

cmake --build . --target all



Install the Vulkan-Loader

Follow the Vulkan-Loader repository instructions to build and install the Vulkan-Loader:

@natinusala Could this be implemented and benefit lakka-retroarch in the future?

There are very few cores that can use Vulkan but yes

Hopefully it’s possible! if you take that path we could even partially have the benefits for n64, dreamcast, psp and psx. Currently with my rpi3 I only have a few locks with n64 and nds, but I can’t afford to buy other hardware. Thank you for the answer!

Since this is not a compliant driver, there is absolutely no guarantee it would work with libretro vulkan cores.

I was thinking about that, since as such this driver is not vulkan according to the author’s own description. Would it involve the development of new cores?

I don’t see who in his right mind would develop cores specifically for an outdated version of a 30$ computer.

In my opinion it is something very similar to developing for windows 98 or ps2, I thank you for your sincere answer in the same way.

Nope, that’s totally different, those 2 use standard apis so the code would be re-usable for other platforms. That’s not the case here.

Okay friend, that’s why I stated that this is my opinion, I do not rely on arguments to declare that this is the truth, thank you! =)