Vulkan requirements

Does RA‘s Vulkan driver need a specific version to work? I was previously using a Radeon 6570 card on my CRT with RA, but it did not support Vulkan. I picked up a newer R7 240 Radeon Card that is GCN which supports Vulkan 1.2, but when I switch to the Vulkan driver RA simply will not start when I click on it. Works fine when I switch back to GL.

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At least on Linux, the R7 240 defaults to the radeon mesa driver, which doesn’t support Vulkan properly for that card. To get Vulkan support, you’ll need to switch to the amdgpu driver. See the following for more:

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I’m on Win10x64 on my CRT PC. Sucks because I purposely bought this card to use Vulkan on RA finally on my CRT but I have a feeling it’s just not going to work.

Ok so after asking in Calamity’s forum over at BYOAC, it seems Vulkan drivers are not included in emudriver’s windows installer for GCN cards. A kind soul there who was having the same issue as me repacked the installer with Vulkan drivers and released it.,167148.0.html

Hope this helps someone else who wants to use Vulkan in RA with CED in Windows.


Linux is THE plataform for Retroarch and emulation. If you change to Linux that problem is fixed.

It was an easy fix, drivers for GCN cards needed to be added into the driver package. Works fine now.