Vulkan support for reicast core for android

Hi, if there any future plan to add the vulkan support for reicast core on android (shield tv) ? All my config is with vulkan and even if I create a core override with “gl video mode” it doesn’t work I have test it on windows with success but would like to use it on the shield tv. it would be marvelous thanks

That would require an entire Vulkan renderer which isn’t really feasible

Ok thanks what a pity, I have to choose berween vulkan or reicast. thanks regards

Now that there’s a 64-bit build that can coexist with the 32-bit build, you could use vulkan on the 64-bit build and GL on the 32-bit. That’s what I do, as Dolphin and Beetle-PSX work best with 64-bit and Vulkan.

oh yes I have yet the 2 installation (staging version) but I don’t think about your idea thanks . could you confirm me the beetle psx work better on 64 bits? I have ever change all my settings (shaders, etc… one time to have vulkan support) and doesn’t want to restart a second time if it’s isn’t running well. I have chosen vulkan on my regular installation 32 bits to have better shaders support on psx. it’s worth using beetle psx on 64 bits? do you have these same install on your shield tv ? thanks for your advices

Yes, I use beetle-psx vulkan 64-bit on my Shield. I was never able to get it fullspeed with 32-bit but it’s perfect with 64.

Cool thanks I will try soon Regards

Wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing settings you use for video and core options to get good performance? It might just be my device (Galaxy S8+) not being able to handle it, but I can’t seem to get Beetle-psx to play well. PCSX rearmed works fine, but would like to try out Beetle. Sorry this is a bit off topic.

Vulkan is a bit weird on my phone too. Whenever I switch to landscape, the image is stretched/skewed to the point it’s unusable.

I have the same issue. Vulkan works amazing in Fba and Mame in portrait (it is smoother than GL) but as soon as i switch to landscape, the image is very stretched/fat on the upper half of the screen in both GUI and in games.

rotating while RetroArch is open doesn’t often end well. Have you tried rotating to landscape before launching RA?

Starting Retroarch in either landscape or portrait, and “not” changing the orientation while in gui or inside a game, there are no scaling issues.:smiley:

one quick question hunterk: Video Filters are automatically disabled on each game exit right? thanx!

Video filters are not unloaded automatically, unless you have them saved in an override. Shaders have started being unloaded recently, yes.

So, how do i disable a Video Filter? i see no such option

go to settings > video > scroll to the bottom and hover over the video filter option and hit retropad-start or spacebar to clear it.

thanks so much! it worked after enabling virtual pad in gui :metal:

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