vulkan video driver and steam link transmission -> screen not updated


i am using retroarch in steam, added as a non steam application. I have some cores, like snes and genesis.

my gaming setup is desktop pc running the game, and steam transmission over local network to my tv/couch, using the steam link, and also using the bpm, because i use steam controller.

everything works fine for the gl video driver: transmission is fine and not a single problem.

but, id like to migrate to vulkan driver, because it provides a way to use fast forwarding feature of retroarch over the transmission. in gl driver it simply doesn’t work, it is capped in 60 fps.

so, when i configure vulkan driver, every game i start over transmission gets frozen in the initial screen (it is a black/gray screen with the symbol of retroarch). the sound is getting transmitted to the tv, only the video is frozen. the game is running fine on the desktop.

so, i decided to do some exploratory tests, and find out the following using the vulkan driver:

  • if retroarch video is windowed, transmission works fine (but there is heavy stuttering)
  • if retroarch video is fullscreen, and in the nvidia driver profile for the retroarch.exe the parameter buffer flipping mode is on, transmission works fine in fullscreen (but there is heavy stuttering)
  • if a i uninstall retroarch, reset the desktop, reinstall retroarch, add the cores, configure fullscreen, and start game over transmission, it works perfect, with vulkan, with fast forwarding, and with fullscreen, no stuttering is observed. after starting any other game of other cores, sometimes the desktop video will freeze and also the input, only way is to reset the desktop. then after resetting, the initial problem of video frozen over transmission is back

im using the latest nvidia driver (465.89).

anyone knows if there is a fix to this problem?

after uninstalling rivatuner server the stutter is gone

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