Want User1 Index Device To Default to Specific Controller


Not sure if this is possible, but is there a way to get Retroarch to force the user1 bindings to default to a specific device?

I have Launchbox/Bigbox set up on my main PC and I use Retroarch cores as my main emulators. I use Nvidia Gamestream to stream games from the BigBox frontend to 3 Nvidia Shield TV boxes in my house. I also use the Mayflash Wiibar on 2 of my Shield TV boxes. I have Virtualhere servers setup on those boxes to make the Mayflash Wiibars available on my main PC to be used ONLY with the Dolphin emulator. Everything works, but whenever I turn my Mayflash Wiibars on, Retroarch will always want to use the ‘Mayflash Wii Remote #1’ for the user1 device in Retroarch. The problem is that I don’t even use my Wii remotes in Retroarch. I only use them for Dolphin. I only want Retroarch to work with my Nvidia Shield TV controllers which show up in Retroarch as xinput devices.

Is there a way to force the user1 bindings in Retroarch to always default to my xinput devices, or is there a way for me to completely disable my Mayflash Wii Remotes altogether in Retrarch?


Not exactly. If you delete the autoconfig profiles for the dolphin bars, do they still get pushed to p1?


Haven’t tried that yet. Will give it a go when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion.


I couldn’t find an auticonfig profile for my Mayflash Wii Remote. I did see some Mayflash profiles in there, but none of them matched the device name that I see in retroarch.

Not a biggie though. All I have to do is keep my Mayflash Dolphinbars turned off when not in use. This forces my xinput profile for my Nvidia Shield controllers to load.

I guess my next project will be to set up to Shield controllers. When I hook up a 2nd controllers, it acts just like another player 1 controller.


You can set retroarch to keyboard inputs and use a gamepad profiler to accomplish this.