Watch shaders

Anybody know what watch shaders = ON does? I keep messing with global.glslp and nothing happens.

It’s linux-only (or should be, AFAIK), but it doesn’t re-load the preset, so changes to a glslp won’t do anything. However, any time you save any of the component shaders, it will recompile the series and reflect any changes.

So, it’s more useful for people developing shaders than for people mixing and matching existing ones.

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I am on retropie/linux. I did get it to detect changes for a mixed preset glslp but it saves all old settings to configs\all\retroarch\shaders\retroarch.glslp and refuses to change. If I edit retroarch.glslp directly it reverts right back to what it was. Like you said I guess this is for the real glsl shaders. Now I understand the difference. Thanks.

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