Weird control issue (Xbox one controller)

I have no idea what’s going on here…I’ve gone through all my controller settings, all my hotkeys, and I can’t find anything. I tried setting all controller keybinds to default as well. This happens in all cores…whenever I press the A button, it does what the A button is supposed to do, but then presses start at the same time. This is usually pause, so effectively all games are unplayable. I’ve been messing with this for several hours and got nowhere.

Do you have Steam running? Its input handling intercepts gamepad events and spits out keyboard events.

Actually…yes I do, that’s a good point. Let me try it without Steam running.

That was the problem…are there any settings I can change in Steam to prevent this? I’m not using the Steam version of Retroarch because I heard there were weird issues with it.