What Cores would you liked Added to AppStore Version

Already got tons of great Cores but not every single one.

So was Wondering any Cores people like to be added

I like to see:

Swansation - Best all around PS1 Core

Yabuse - Runs Saturn game on lesser devices and Cheats work on the Core

Swanstation Melon ds with hardware renderer



This doesn’t currently compile for iOS at all. I have a branch where it does but it crashes at startup, I think because in order to get it compiling I had to hack around some of the memory protections and I know I didn’t do it correctly. Also it requires JIT so won’t come to the App Store.


I haven’t poked at yabause at all, I just end up using Beetle Saturn, and haven’t had any performance problems. I haven’t tried cheats on it but I believe they should work there as well. I’ll make it a point to poke at Beetle Saturn and Yabause a bit and evaluate them.

Melon ds with hardware renderer

Melon DS upstream doesn’t currently support GLES, so this isn’t currently possible. Also on macOS the OpenGL hardware renderer doesn’t render correctly at all.

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Thanks for Answering @warmenhoven

Surprised need JIT as Beetle and ReArmed work fine.

Speed for Beetle Saturn on my iPhone 13 is Good but I tried cheats and sadly don’t work

Why would it need JIT where the others do not?

Why would it need JIT where the others do not?

Swanstation you mean? Just the way it was coded. It looks like there is a non-JIT compilation path for alternative architectures, but it still includes some of the JIT primitives that aren’t available on iOS.

Just because it runs fine without JIT doesn’t mean that JIT isn’t required for the core, depending on implementation choices. Genesis wouldn’t require JIT even on most potatoes but blastem will never come to iPhone because it requires a JIT that only targets x86.

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The way to go is anyway Vulkan. OpenGL and GLES are outdated. So creating a renderer for GLES would be time wasting.

A saturn beetle vulkan renderer would be also awesome. Resolving lots of performance problems and including new possibilities like upscaling :sweat_smile:

Who do we need to contact to get the Atari 800 core replaced with an older version? The included one has sound problems on all platforms but on iOS the core cannot be easily replaced.