What do I need to create a new retroarch core?

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Second post here, my friend and I have been working on a NES emulator for some years now, and we just finished our first libretro core implementation! Of course the emulator has still issues to be fixed, and we still need to implement some important features of the API like save states.
But in the mean time, I wanted to ask what do we need to implement in order to create a new retroarch core? Is there a guide or a checklist of things we need to comply to make it an official core?
Currently this is the state of the libretro implementation https://github.com/aLaix2/O-Nes-Sama/tree/master/libretro Is there a place that explains what all those values in the .info file mean?

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The best reference for the info files is here:

If, by “official”, you mean “appears in the online updater”, there’s not a whole lot to it these days. You just need a gitlab-ci.yml recipe in the main repo and have a talk with the guys who handle the continuous integration system so they know to track the repo.

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Thanks hunterk, we will fix the issues in the emulator, create a gitlab-ci.yml and come back here :slight_smile:

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