What happened to the Default Bind All feature?

It’s seems to have gone as of 1.8.9 but the documentation still talks about it. To be honest it always confused me as to why it is used when creating controller profiles. Has joypad mapping been made easier and I’ve just missed the changelog?

It’s still there, though the wording has changed slightly: https://imgur.com/uF0FcNR

It needs to be there because, if you create an autoconfig profile, you need to put the inputs back to default or the next time you plug something in, it’ll autoconfigure it but then the input changes you made during mapping will be applied over the top.

So to be clear, if you run Bind All to a controller, those bindings become the new defaults to RA? So any other pad you plug in will also get the new bindings you just set on the last pad? Presumably there are situations where you are absolutely fine for those new bindings to be the default and then don’t need to run “Reset to Default Controls”?

Also, can I just say @hunterk that I’m sure we all appreciate your hard work on these forums. Thank you.

Hey, no problem. I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

So, it seems you mixed the names of 2 options and I thought you were talking about the other one. That is, there’s the old “bind all” which has been reworded to “set all controls” and the old “default all”, which has been reworded to “reset to default controls”.

‘Bind all’/‘set all controls’ just goes down the line listening for one input after another so you can bind them all quickly. ‘Default all’/‘reset to default controls’ resets everything back to the default values in case you want to map another device or create a new autoconfig profile, etc.

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I messed with a controller config in Retroarch 1.8.9 on my Shield TV Pro, and my Ps4 controllers no longer work. I tried removing the controllers in Shield Bluetooth devices and re-adding, no luck. The Shield remote is not working either, except the circle button to exit Retroarch. I get the message below. Thanks in advance! 20200912_161825|690x310