What is considered a solid framerate deviation?

So im mucking around with some settings like audio latency and resampler quality and it seems theres some effect on framerate deviation.

I did some googling around and of the minimal info i could find, it looks like what i thought was okay to good, was actually really high?

I have a deviation of 2.9-3.2% I saw some people reporting like 0 to .7%

is mine bad? What are potential causes? ive tried with throttle menu on and off, and off gives me a marginal improvement but thats about it.

does resolution have any bearing?

the majority of it comes down to drivers, AFAIK. GL has much, much worse deviation than vulkan or d3d11/12.

Thank you for the reply hunterk. Yea I am using Vulcan and opengl does seem to be a tad worse in general.

Oh well. I’ll tinker some more. Wonder if it might be hindered by some nvcp setting. With an 8700k a 2080ti and running at only 60hz you’d think it would be low.

I did notice it’s better with frame throttle off than with it on which I found odd too since it’s capped at 60 either way due to vsync.

ha, oddly enough i just tried ogl and the result was a lower frame deviation by ~1%

though it appears even 2% deviation is higher than it should be