What is the best way to create new and original games for libretro?

Taking advantage of the amount of emulators and game engines that libretto supports. I wonder what is the best way to develop games without paying a license (Development licenses). I have been able to see Chailove, or TIC-80. But I wonder if there are better ways to create games that are as native as possible. Thank you very much, I am very interested in the answer.

ChaiLove and Lutro or one of the fantasy console cores are probably your best bets, yeah. There’s also the “unicorn” fantasy console, which supports libretro as a target, and there’s a pico8 core, but it’s missing some things that keep a lot of games from working fully.

Thank you. These seem to be good options. I need very light and efficient platforms for this type of game. I’m still debating between Lakka, RetroArch + another lightweight GNU / Linux, or Arcan + GNU / Linux. I am also open to other options.

ooh, Arcan could open up a lot of interesting possibilities. The guy who made it is a mad wizard.

Yes, I am totally sure that Arcan will be the platform on which new games will be run. It is possible to run Arcan applications without having a desktop installed. Only a light gnu / linux system is needed. And at the same time, it is a development platform with a common language and a common interface.

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