Where gone Display framerate?

I do not see it. On Retroarch 1.6.7 is in Mainmenu->Settings->Display framerate (under Suspend screensaver row) but on Retroarch 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 it is not.

Windows 64 bits versions.

Screenshot 1.7.2 without display framerate

Screenshot 1.6.7 with display framerate

settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications

They moved it, in one of the more pointless and irritating regular UI changes.


welcome to retroarch…


thanks. I have found it now.

Where can I set in the 1.7.7 how the fps looks?

There’s no customization for the menu widgets (of which the new FPS display is one) yet, just on/off in settings > user interface. If you disable it, you can still go back to the old notifications in settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications.

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Thanks, i have setting back to the old notifications. :slight_smile:

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