Where is crash/debug logs stored at?


For Android retroarch, it is crashing after a period of time as short as 15 seconds into gameplay or as long as 4 minutes was the longest. Initially I have had this happen to the MAME2010 core. But it also happens to the other cores I tested which were SNES9x and Mupen64. As a comparison, I able to use standalone emulators just find like aFBA, CPS2emu, ePSXe, PPSSPP, and Neo.emu. All those are stable for the length of time the kids play.

This morning I decided to maybe check if a crash log was made each time this happened to see what may be causing the issue. But I see no logs in the 2 places retroarch install to. I am rooted on my TV Box if that matters using a Rockchip 3288 box.



You’ll need a log viewer app, like logcat.


If you figure it out let me know because I’m having the same issue with the crashing.