Where retroarch keep cores in linux?

I am trying to update the core_path and core_name in my playlist files and trying for example to find the name and path of the Stella core. I’ve searched all over my NVidia Shield but can’t find it so not sure if it’s hidden or something. I have several cores downloaded but can’t find where they are kept. Thoughts?



Android only allows loading dynamic libraries (which is what cores are) from the program’s root-controlled directory. In this case, it’s /data/data/com.retroarch/cores.

I’m guessing I can’t see this then? When I go into /data thru adb then do an ls get Permission Denied

Tried doing su or sudo but doesn’t seem to have or allow it.

This sort of thing is a good example of why you should try scanning something locally just to see where the paths are pointing.

I don’t get it but OK. Not sure a Shield TV device has a “local” beyond ADB but don’t see the correlation to physical access to folders and “local” but probably not getting it.

So I installed Android on a virtual machine and came up with the below. Hopefully good but think I can get the info from the Shield if I physically associate one of the games in my playlist to Stella then it will probably just show me the pathing:

 "version": "1.4",
 "default_core_path": "/data/data/com.retroarch.ra32/cores/stella_libretro_android.so",
 "default_core_name": "Atari - 2600 (Stella)",
 "label_display_mode": 0,
 "right_thumbnail_mode": 0,
 "left_thumbnail_mode": 0,
 "sort_mode": 0,
 "items": [
   "path": "/storage/HOMESERVER/retrox/Atari - 2600/3-D Genesis (USA) (Pronto).zip#3-D Genesis (USA)(Pronto).a26",
   "label": "3-D Genesis (USA) Pronto)",
   "core_path": "/data/data/com.retroarch.ra32/cores/stella_libratro_android.so",
   "core_name": "Atari - 2600 (Stella)",
   "crc32": "931A0BDC|crc",
   "db_name": "Atari - 2600.lpl"