Where to put BIOS and FONT files for PC-98?

when I try to use the NEC - PC98 emulator (Neko Project II Kai) by Retroarch and I see in the nucleus information it says that 5 files are missing I have them but I don’t know where to put them.

I think in your retroarch/system/np2kai/ directory

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thanks for the help i was racking my brain trying to find out where i had to put the files said i had to put it in that directory but the np2kai folder didn’t exist and i couldn’t find it anywhere saying that i had to create the folder

Do you know this site? :wink: :

I know but some words from English translated into my languages are a bit confusing and I am also not an expert in English

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PC-98 tutorial

i could use some help since i dont understand where i need to go or how i am even supposed to put a file there