Which autoconfig file does the Dolphin Bar + Wiimote use?

I got the Wiimote to work in Dolphin Bar’s mode 3, but I’m trying to track down the autoconfig file so that I can add custom hotkey options to the profile as I do all my other controllers. I just can’t seem to figure out which one. In Retroarch the device index in port 1 reads “Mayflash Wiimote PC Adapter”.

All the buttons appear to respond correctly New SMB. I still need to try out motion controls in another game (Mario Galaxy) to make sure it operates correctly.

Update: I did a search for “wiimote” inside all files in the autoconfig folder and notepad++ returned nothing. Where is Retroarch detecting and assigning this PC adapter thing to ports 1-4?

I don’t see anything related to the dolphinbar in the autoconfig profile repo. I’m not sure where that would be coming from.

Iiinteresting. Ok, hypothesis. This is actually coming from the Dolphin Bar’s USB driver. And because it works as a sort of combination Bluetooth + extras unit (I think), and because I was able to save actual wiimote button presses as hotkey assignments, I could pull the device ID from the USB device and build out an autoconfig file that would work.

What do you think? Right track, wrong track?

edit: finding the device in windows Device Manager is difficult. I emailed Mayflash to see if they could just provide the info. Fingers crossed.

Also, who has touched Retroarch wiimote development the most? I do see some autoconfig files in the folders. Maybe I could contact them on Github to get some insights.


  • The device falls under “Human Interface Devices” -> “USB Input Device”.
  • Under Bus reported device description, it is “Mayflash Wiimote PC Adapter”. “Hans-Landa-ooh-that’s-a-bingo-dot-gif”.
  • VID: 0079, PID: 1803. So far none of the Mayflash config files in the autoconfig folder has that VID, but maybe I’m missing something.

Hmm, there can be a hex vs decimal discrepancy sometimes, but that doesn’t seem to match up, either.

I’ve found 3 VIDs under a “Mayflash” name so they might have 3+ vendor names with the USB group. Remind me, is one or the other (Retroarch cfgs vs device manager) in hex or were both in decimal?

I forget, tbh, but I think the cfgs are in decimal. I believe there are some comments in some of the profiles that talk about which one they use.

One more question before I turn in. If I manually assign buttons in port 1 with the wiimote, where is that saved? It’d be easier to copy from that than write a cfg from scratch and it’s been awhile since I did one.

Manually mapped inputs go into your global retroarch.cfg.

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