Which cores for old Android phone?

Someone gifted me an old Android phone, HTC desire HD. Specs are too low to use it for anything like youtube etc. So i thought i could use it for portable retroarch gaming with an ipega controller. It has a Snapdragon S2 single core armv7 32bit 1.0ghz, 768mb ram, 800*480 4.3", Android 4.4.2. Question is which are the fastest cores this phone will be able to run? Should i download the latest retroarch or stick with an old version?

I think latest should work. That’s too slow for quite a few cores, but PCSX-ReARMed may be full speed, maybe snes9x2010 and that sort of thing.

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Snes9x doesn’t! Tried the 2005/2005 plus/2010, only 2005 is almost there with 40-55 fps. The other two not, 2010 is 20-25 fps lol. Uae4arm standalone almost runs full speed though, 45-50 fps which was surprising. Vice-x64 crash at start. Frodo works. Genesis plus gx doesn’t load anything (i guess because roms are zipped). Picodrive works perfectly.

gpsp, picodrive, gambatte, quicknes, nxengine, fuse, frodo, run full speed. PCSX-reARMed around 35-45 fps. So i guess 8/16 bit is ok with exception of Snes9x 2005 with some frame drops. Which is normal since the specs probably are around rpi 1st generation. Would be interesting to see snes9x-2002 but it doesn’t exist on android (?).

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Installed another custom rom, aospX-1.0.0-MR1 (Android 4.0.4), the previous had a battery hog app and using 100% cpu all the time. Now PCSX runs almost full speed 53-57 fps with a bit overclocking from 1,0 ghz to 1,2 that this rom provides.

A round up vs my PSP:

+Better emulation of arcades - fbalpha, Amiga - uae4arm standalone, probably a bit better snes emulation snes9x2005. I think there is an old standalone snes9x ex+ that runs full speed.

+Capable of running a simple scanline shader

-slightly worse ps1 emulation, much worse cap32 emulation, worse c64 emulation (frodo not running all games) but there is alternative standalone emu.

In the end i would prefer this, not playing arcades and Amiga games well on PSP is important.

Lock the min/max CPU speed to 1 ghz, or set governor to performance (use Kernel Adiutor or something similar). It will provide much smoother performance. Also, if available in the kernel, modify the CPU temperature treshold, to reduce throttling.