Which cores work best in 32 bit?

I found out that PCSX ReARMed works batter in 32 bit, is there any other cores that work batter in 32 bit? Side question is DuckStation any good, should I switch to it or stay with PCSX ReARMed?

The only other one I know of is Picodrive, and maybe gpSP. Swanstation* is indeed good and also fast, but if you’re needing 32-bit for performance, it will not be quite as fast as PCSX-ReARMed. OTOH, does have a lot of fancy features and may be worth the reduced performance for that reason.

@Terabyte88 Genesis plus GX, nestopia UE, FCEUMM, Snes 2005 and snes 2010, PCSX-reARMED, Picodrive, FBA, Fb neo, mame 2003

These cores work full speed for me.