Which is your favorite pallet colorization for GB games?

I love the fact that as long gameboy hardware was tweaked to add some features, the colors while playing got different for each one, what’s your prefered?


I personally prefer the Pocket version and that’s the one I often use when playing GB.

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I grew up with the original green screen Game Boy so i prefer it for the nostalgia, even though the pocket version looks the best.


I thought I was playing the “Pocket” way all the time, but it was a surprise for me that, in fact, emulators usually use a raw, and not optimized black and white (or should I say gray?) colors. Nowadays I like to use the combo bilinear filtering+lcd3x shader, but it makes any game more darker than it was supposed to be, but the Pocket optimization make it brighter, the result is a balanced and accurate look that give a real Game Boy feeling. I recommend Pocket version for anyone who, for any reason, don’t want to run the game as GBC, I still prefer GBC for most cases (mainly Pokémon).

I grew up with GBC and I also prefer to play it for nostalgia, but lately I decided to play all my favorite games as DMG/Pocket/Light/SGB just to see how it was in each hardware, and damn, DMG seems too dark (terrible for Donkey Kong Land) and I had to depend less of my eyes and more of my memorization during all the gameplay, Light it the weirdest, make every detail too bright, but it usually don’t make the stuff harder. SGB sometimes seems to have lazy and not fully used potential of it’s own features, lot of games have some odd color scheme. Pocket looks perfect because isn’t that darker neither brighter, it doens’t make objects ingame hard to see. It’s a perfect solution.