Which name for Sega Naomi

Can somebody help me, which name must i use in the playlist for retroarch, that i get the right logo ?

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I don’t think NAOMI has its own database/icon currently. I’m not 100% on that, but I didn’t see anything for it in the database or assets repos.

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Same as with every other arcade system, the RA scanner is not working (or at least only to a small degree)
I suggest to using a tool like RetroArch Playlist Buddy

For the playlist you can add your naomi games to an existing playlist (e.g. mame or dreamcast) or you are making your own icons for a custom playlist.
You will need a *your_playlist_name*.png and a *your_playlist_name*-content.png placed in /assets/xmb/*your_selected_theme*/png/

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I had to create a playlist for that, here’s an example in case it helps anyone:

I only made 2 monochromatic logos for both, even though you might prefer to fit them all under the Naomi category; these are just examples. If you do download them, make sure to edit the playlist(s) to reflect your paths.


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