Who here remembers Vizzed?

Maybe the first, and only, authentic “Meta-Retro-Emu-Site” back in the day. When I say that I mean the first site to let you play literally every single retro console all from one place using your browser. Before Nintendo Purged them like the Inquisition.

I used to spend hours playing Retro Games online using their amazing services. But I kind of stopped a little while after their “darkest hour” of cease and desist orders.

It’s not exactly a shell of it’s former self (still strong with Minecraft Servers, and Game Soundtrack Online Radios), but they aren’t the giant they were.

In a way, I think they partially inspired RetroArch with their legacy.

Anyone else have fond memories?

I’m not familiar with it. RetroArch has been around since late 2010.


According to the about page, Vizzed was around since 2002, and more specifically the “Vizzed Retro Game Room” was around since early 2009.

looks like it wasn’t publicly released until early 2010, but still quite old!

Nevertheless, no, they were not an influence/inspiration for RetroArch/libretro.

I talked to “Davideo7” a couple of times about a decade ago, and he’s pretty chill, and a slight bit inspiring.

I mean, he built the whole site almost all on his own. That’s amazing…

Yeah a lot of old ROM sites were labors of love that only existed because the (often very small) teams who made them loved the games and the community. It’s a real shame they all got nuked alongside the basic profit-driven, cash-grab piracy sites.

Open source development was seen at the time as both a way to protect against takedowns and to distance “pure” emulation/preservation projects from the gray/black-market aspects of retrogaming/emulation.

I can see how RetroArch remained active for years because of that.

You could almost make a documentary of the “pre-RetroArch” online emulation scene.

Oh yeah, for sure. Lots of interesting personalities and, of course, no shortage of messy conflicts.