Why didn't i buy this $25 Controller at the first place. :(

Ok so this controller, this is amazing, it gave me the Exact replica of an SNES Controller

The D-Pad feels the same, the four buttons feels the same, the only difference was the add of those two Analog Sticks and extra shoulder buttons

As a dum young kid, (yes when ur a teenager ur dum n stupid like i was) so anyway, as a dum kid, i never had the chance to own a Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis was so popular in my area of living so, i happened to have that, and of course Mortal Kombat, that’s why I’m unable to play MK with any other Controller and it has to be the exact replica of Sega Genesis 6 button one. I always wanted to experience the SNES the way it was, so i searched the resellers and found a Controller similar to SNES so i can Connect it to my RetroArch Setup

And, that’s why i found and bought this one for $25, yes yes i know it’s not the exact SNES Controller duo to it’s extra buttons but all the buttons and it’s shape and feel is the exact replica of it. So from now on i would play all my SNES games on RetroArch with this one

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Looks nice. I also have an 8bitdo, an SFC30 that I use with my Raspberry Pi. Works great wired and bluetooth.

Ok i also forgot to say that since we don’t have Amazon and ebay in my Country it cost me nearly $50 to get in here cause i had to order via someone else in another country and then ship it back here

The d-pad on 8Bitdo pads are nowhere near as good as the original SNES controller.

I had to do the tape fix on both of mine to get rid of (most) of the diagonal misfires. Why 8Bitdo pads get all that praise is beyond me, sure they look nice and build quality is good, but the d-pad pcb design leaves a lot to be desired. There’s loads of video on YouTube describing the problem. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=8bitdo+diagonal+fix

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I’m sorry as i said i never had an Original SNES as a kid :frowning: So this is the ideal level for me However i’ll watch your video to see what did i miss

Have you tried Retroflags wired Snes controllers? 8bitdo also released 2.4 Ghz models for both original Nes and Snes this year. Any experience with them?

No i barely imported this one to this trash country I can’t import multiple items so often cause we don’t have Amazon and it cost me almost twice of the item’s price to get and import in here so my options are limited But i also ordered 8BitDo Sega Genesis version and also a NEOGEO mini Controller which still waiting to get my hands on

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Apparently the D-Pad issues are resolved on models produced after july 2019. Or at least that what i hope after reading this tweet from 8bitdo themselves. Have the dpads been improved ?

That’s good news cause this Controller has made in 2020