Why does mulation slows down during netplay?

Is it usual for frames to drop down below 30 during a netplay session? Or I’d better ask do I need a powerful device for netplay? I just tried netplay but I had to connect to a vpn because oddly this service is not supported in my country, however it does connect when I’m using a VPN but I haven’t yet actually played with somebody neither as a host nor guest.

It does take more power to use our rollback-based netplay than to run normally because, in the event of a desync, it rolls back to the last known-good time (X frames in the past) and then has to emulate all of the intervening frames at once to catch up, so your device needs to be able to run X times faster than regular speed (~60 fps usually) to keep up.

It makes for nice, snappy gameplay but it can be very demanding and it gets worse the farther you are from the other party (that is, more latent connection).

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