Why doesn't it save to file on 'esc'?

Is it only ‘quit’? Of all its features surely this would be a feature to annoy the least…

It should. It certainly does here. Perhaps the core you’re exiting is crashing on exit instead? A log would reveal that.

It was my computer’s fault… for some reason it was read-only, not full access… I rectified the latter, but for some reason the former just won’t remain, but it seems to write now, anyway… always a possibility with weird operating systems… by the way, I don’t suppose anyone had time to implement hide/show savestates?

ah, I’m glad you got it going.

Yeah, check settings > user interface > menu item visibility > quick menu:

No, I mean, hide/show them on the OSD, not menu…

you mean on a touch overlay? If so, some of them have load/save state buttons, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for much beyond the current functionality.

I’m referring to https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/13239

ohhh, gotcha. Yeah, no movement on that one, AFAIK.