Why were Mednafen core override/remap folders renamed to 'Beetle'?

I realize most people are going to see this as a trivial gripe, and perhaps it is, but I feel someone ought to bring it up.

It seems that someone, at some point, arbitrarily (or perhaps accidentally) decided to rework the cores somehow, so that when you save a core override or remap, the folder begins with ‘Beetle’ instead of ‘Mednafen.’ Besides the obvious complaint that all of the other cores that I am aware of are named exactly after the core (and not the ‘nickname’), this breaks overrides and remaps that users have been using for a long time.

It started with PSX and PSX HW, and more and more of the cores are adopting this. But not all of them! The PC-FX core, for example, is still rightly using ‘Mednafen PC-FX’ as the folder.

In my opinion, the core override and remap folder names should NEVER change, unless the actual core name changes, too. If I am forced in the future, for example, to download 'beetle_saturn_libretro.dll, that’s fine, and it’s my own dumb fault for not catching that when the override/remap files no longer work. But otherwise, what was the point of the change? Any time a name change like this occurs, it’s an inconvenience to everyone that uses those cores, and has to figure out on their own why things are broken.

any mednafen should be changed to beetle at this point (mednafen authors do not want the name used in other projects hence this required name change, or something like that) if there are some left, then those needed to be changed as well,


The actual core file names should change too then, so there’s no confusion. This should always happen whenever a core’s name changes, e.g. the 4do core changed to ‘opera,’ but the file name changed along with it.