Why won't UI driver change?

No matter what I do when i try to change it from rgui to anything else it seems to do so while I’m still there (with no obvious graphical changes) but then, even if config is saved, upon quitting and starting again it’s back to rgui…

Most likely using a “bad” video driver which can only do RGUI, so it forces it. Log tells more.

I just had this issue on my rpi4 while working on getting vulkan to work with dolphin. Make sure that your chosen graphics driver is correct.

While working on dolphin.cfg I set the default driver to “Vulcan” instead of “vulcan” by mistake (case is very important in linux) and while that finally allowed dolphin to load a rom using vulkan it also caused my gui to default to RGUI instead of xmb upon my next reboot.

I tried this initially within the interface, so it’s options presented by the software itself, which presumably wouldn’t be misspelt, but it didn’t function even if I edited the config directly.

[WARN] Could not find any next driver (current one: “null”).

Oh, and suddenly it changes, weeks later… does retroarch function magically, or randomly?

But now, at least, ‘start in fullscreen mode’ doesn’t stay… -_-