Widgets/Notification text shrinked using CRT Switchres super res

Is there anyway to compensate this?

No way to adjust the aspect ratio of the graphics widgets, but I’m pretty sure the old ‘yellow text’ notifications are aspect-corrected.

Am I missing somenthing?

Hmm, no, I guess it never got merged. I remember someone posting a screenshot of it working in our discord, but I guess they never actually submitted it.

The “rgui” drive menu works best in crts.

I’m fairly certain I overcame this limitation on an old build of mine by locating a superwide font of some kind. I wish I had more details, but you could find something like that and set that font as the notification font.


I’m looking for a solution here, using Recalbox on a Pi3, VGA to YPBPR superres is what they do. My achievements are horribly tall. I dont see any other drivers to choose from in retroarch like the “rgui”. What can I do to fix this? Even the yellow text old style notifications look super tall and hard to read.

I’m on RGUI and it still uses these overlay fonts that get stretched.

Try disabling Graphics Widgets in On-Screen Notifications. And activating Usa High Resolution Menu in CRT Switchres.

I’m not on switchres. Disabling widgets just leaves very tall stretched yellow fonts. I am looking for a way to insert a font that is super wide to compensate for this. I’m on Recalbox and need a way to access that file structure.

I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing.

You are using a CRT with RetroArch? Switchres is a technology that incorporates RetroArch and is what makes low resolutions like 240p, etc. possible. If you activate it, obviously.

If you need to change the font, you don’t have to access the file structure, with the RetroArch menu you can select another one. Take a detailed look at the two options I just gave you.

Recalbox is a frontend and does not belong to the RetroArch project, if you have any problem with this program, you will probably find better answers in its own forum.

Oh ok. Yes I am running 1920x240. I’m aware of what recalbox is and they sent me here. I’ve tried the 2 other font choices. None of them compensate for the issue.

That notification is incompatible with 240p mode, you have to disable it in the options I told you before.

1920 is an alternative option, if 2560 that comes by default does not work. Even 3840 is recommended if your video card supports it.

Disabling the widgets just means we are stuck with super tall yellow text notifications. That does not solve the problem.

Again, all we need is the ability to stretch the overlay popups wider on the X axis.

It is not compatible.

I don’t handle the technical terms, but in this forum it has been discussed several times, you can’t use those 1080 notifications when using 240.

Ok so you are saying NO NOTIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER are compatible with super res modes on CRT. I just find that hard to believe. The yellow text notifications looked fine on a retropie build I used from 2000. I only upgraded the OS because tons of achievements were saying unsupported.

In fact here, go to 8 minutes 12 seconds, and you can see the widget notification looking proper on a 240p signal on the same TV.




I already gave you the solution, but, I am tired of repeating.

I’m kinda tired of repeating myself. How many times do I have to mention Yellow Text Notifications? You’re once again asking me if I’ve tried them. Seriously dude? I have tried them. They too are insanely stretched out vertically. I am fully aware of the 1st and 2nd notification methods retroarch have used. Widget are the new method. Let’s move on now.

Go back to school. You have embarrassed yourself. Reading comprehension 101.