WII controller, mayflash bar and lightgun games

I have done a lot of searching, but am not really finding much for answers.

Can retroarch be configured to support 2 WII controllers (paired to mayflash sensor bar) as light guns, or at least aiming devices for various light gun games. This is for games using flycast core, such as HOTD2 for example.

If it’s possible:

  • Is other software needed, like touchmote for example?
  • What setting should the dolphin bar be set at (1-4)?
  • How is retroarch best configured? Lightgun or mouse device?


I think in mouse mode, dolphinbar can only do 1 mouse…? Not 100% sure on that, though.

That might be correct by default. With touchmote software you can have the controller act as a mouse as well. I just haven’t got that working yet.


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do you have some good source to buy the wiimote + sensor bar ? The wiimote seems sort of decent price but I got dolphin bar suggestion which is way more expensive than expected. Thanks.

Amazon for the sensor bar and facebook market place for the wii controllers. Still a lot cheaper than aimtrak guns and totally wireless.

I did get 2 wii remote acting as aiming devices in mame using touchmote and programming the pointer to emulate analog stick movement. I am still working on getting retroarch to work though. I’d rather avoid using touchmote if possible.


I have at least one controller working now with retroarch/flycast. But, a big problem is that there seems to be an issue with the gun fire/reload configuration. I can aim and shoot if I program the shoot to the dpad on the wii remote. If I program the shoot to the trigger, it is recognized as ‘mouse1’ and does not work in the game.

This is using mode 2 on the dolphin bar with the input set to lightgun.

Maybe it is a flycast issue because the FB Neo core works correctly.