WIMP + Fullscreen in-menu in other monitor = mouse missing on WIMP


Hi, I tried to search, but couldn’t find anything related to this. Not sure if the keywords I used where wrong, or nobody noticed it before.

I have a multi monitor setup, in my case, 2 PC monitor at my desk and a third output that goes to my TV/projector.

What I do is keep the WIMP window in my primary monitor (output 1), while the “big picture” runs in fullscreen on the TV (output 3).

While a game is running, the mouse shows up fine in WIMP, but if I simply open the quick menu (or close the content, which also goes to the menu), the mouse pointer “disappear” on the WIMP window.

On a clean config file, this only happened when using the “big picture” in fullscreen.

But on my old config, it was also happened on windowed mode, so I could take a screencap gif (I will probably do a cleanup on my old config, since I used the same file for ages now).


Any information about this? It’s happening only here or someone can replicate this?

Thanks, awesome work from you guys!