Windowed mode screen doesn't update

Hi, I am new here too and I don’t seem to have posting privileges yet so I thought this looked like a proper place to ask for assistance I hope that is okay.

1st) I am using Windows version of retroarch, I have tried older versions and newer versions. All give me the same results. That being when in windowed mode no matter the size navigation does not show. Let me get a little more detailed about this. If I try to move by clicking with the mouse, the screen does nothing. However if i minimize the screen and reopen it, the navigation updates to what I just clicked. This can also be done by draging and dropping the window as well. It is no different when using keyboard or controller as well. Now this is were it gets strange. When in Full Screen Mode, I have no problems at all with anything. (So far the only fix I have been able to find is to keep it in Full Screen Mode) This is kind of annoying when I need to multi task such as looking up things on my browser to help with games or what not. I had Retroarch installed before on this same system and had uninstalled it. The problem started after Reinstalling it quite some time later. As I have mentioned I have uninstalled and reinstalled quite a few times now in hopes it was just a bug in an updated version. So if anyone has had this happen or knows how I can remedy it I would really like to hear. Thank you.

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I guess the first thing to try would be a different video driver. Which one are you using now? If the default “gl”, try vulkan or d3d11.

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it was the original, I tried vulkan an it wouldnt load at all. I opened up the cfg file and changed vulkan to d3d11 now everything is great and working as it should. Thank you so much.

Hi. With d3d11 everything is great. Thank you.