Windows files migration to Android

I would like to set up Retroarch on my abdroid phone the same as my current Windows version of Retroarch.

My question is, can I simply copy the files from my playlist, rom and system folders on Windows straight into the same folders on my Android device?

You’ll probably have to change path names.

Shouldn’t need to should I? I’m not Copying the folders from Windows to Android, I’m copying the contents of the windows folder into the contents of the Android folder system. So retroarch Android should know where the files are without changing the Paths?

Or do the playlist files themselves have path names?

the playlist files themselves, yeah. You can always re-scan, though.

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Yeah. The reason I ask is I spent a lot of time making custom playlists in Windows that won’t work (shows up) if I just scan. There’s no Desktop option on Android either so I can’t drag and drop roms that aren’t listed in the databases

while there’s no desktop drag-and-drop, you can still do a “manual” scan (it’s a fairly new addition) to do pretty much the same thing.

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Oh, I was wondering about that. I’ve just updated Windows and saw manual scan as a newer feature. Does it add all roms within a file to the playlist then? Regardless of whether it’s in the database?

I looked it up and got my answer lol. can I ask, how do you scan a rom folder that you’ve already scanned and just add the files that were not added from the standard scan? Without adding the database added ones again and having duplicates?

historically, you can’t. You just need to delete the original playlist before re-scanning. However, there’s a new option to “clean” playlists that might do it. Not sure, though.

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Yeah, it says on the info page you can add files that were missed from the database scan. So I assume there’s an option to not duplicate the already scanned and added files