Windows Nightly discussion thread


Pardon me, but are any of the Windows 95/98 builds confirmed to be working for anyone?


Need assistance and I’m new so can’t create my own post, can’t find anything addressing my issue so not sure where I’m supposed to submit my inquiry. Please redirect me to the correct thread if it directly relates to my issue:

I’m having an issue with the hotkeys, but it doesn’t seem to be common. Running latest retroarch on PC windows 10. Issue is when I load a game, regardless of core/platform, I’m able to execute hotkey commands once, maybe twice before becoming unresponsive. Using SF30 Pro and I use ‘select’ as enable hotkey. The only workaround I’ve found is the RGUI option to enable one of the button combos to open the menu, in this case L3 + R3, but its becoming a pain in the ass having to do that every time just to save or any other commands. Start + Select to exit still works, just can’t do anything else after only using the hotkeys once. Before I proceed any further could someone confirm I’m even in the right place?