Windows Nightly discussion thread

Windows nightlies are now available. The nightlies have no cores included but you should be able to fetch the cores from the core updater in RGUI

Known issues:

  • invalid content directory set in the latest pack

Relevant changes:

  • 19/03/2015 netplay and the core downloader should work now on x86 windows
  • 08/05/2015 overrides support savedir/statedir overriding
  • 08/05/2015 there is an option to sort savestates / saves automatically on a per-core basis in general settings now
  • 19/10/2015 add experimental support for retroarchievements

Hey, I have 3 little questions to RetroArch since I observe the development of RA.

  1. Why aren’t the system files shared in RetroArch Nightly builds? As you know, they are necessary to run for example Super Mario Kart. I always copy them from the build of lordashram on 30th october.
  2. Why there are not all RA cores in latest? For example, before you reset the buildbot page on 27th february, there was also a core which is missing now since 27th february. Did the development stop?
  3. Wouldn’t be better to have empty folders in RA builds? The “Load Content” option refers to the “content” folder, which is missing… because it would be empty. Also of course the “system” folder is missing. It could be confusing for new users without these folders.

And thats all :slight_smile:


All the nightlies have been removed from the server. Any idea whats’ going on?


Why it didn’t work in my windows 8.1?


Hi! It doesn’t seem like the MAME core option ‘hide_nagscreen’ is working anymore in the latest nightlies.

Can anyone confirm?


Would it be possible for RetroArch to automatically load the corresponding config file after loading a core? Every time I change a core it loses my path settings.

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Yeah, I don’t find it user friendly that’s for sure.

Is the MAME 0.78 (2003) core available from the core updater? This is a really great feature, no need to be downloading and extracting files manually anymore!

I did a fresh install of the latest nightly build. I load a core, let’s say SNES 9X, load a game, then go to RGUI and set path settings to the specific folder for SNES roms. I quit RA and restart it, now I want to play Neo Geo, I load the core, try to load content, but the path is set to my SNES rom folder.

That was it. Thanks!

For some reason on the littlest one, the XMB driver won’t detect any of my games. I dunno if it’s still very much in beta but I can’t tell if I have to config it to multiple folders for the emulators themselves.

Any chance for C64 Vice Core ?

I’m using Genesis Plus GX core for Sega Master System. When I’m playing Lightgun games, the crosshair is not showing on the screen. “Show lightgun crosshair” option is enabled (YES) under the menu core options.

I am having problems getting exact 60 FPS in the latest versions,

Even without shaders, in the RGUI it is running in perfect 60

in game (Stella, Nes) I got about 59.8

GLUI menu is messed up with really small fonts. Font size option isn’t working. I’m using the x64 version.

Last nightly without problem I checked was 2015-04-15. I always roll back to this one.

Great to know! I’ll try that for x86.

I’m presuming the cores are best gotten from the /latest folder, since otherwise the core pack only weighs 7 kb… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve just found out:

[QUOTE=Radius;19916] New installation:

  • Download the package you want, for example this one
  • Grab the redist package.
  • Extract them to a folder
  • Fire RetroArch, go into core manager and download the cores you want.[/QUOTE]

Have noticed really poor performance when using shader (crt-gemo), getting stuttering audio and low fps, but fine when no shaders are enabled. Whats changed in the last week or so?

Are you able to get shaders working? x86?

Can you suggest me a build. Or perhaps, that’s just incompatible system on my end.

shaders work fine here using the x86 build on win7 64-bit.

Considering you’re using the x86 version on a 64 bit platform am I to understand the the x86 version of RA is superior?