Windows Size Issue

I was unable to find this issue doing a quick search of the forums and the docs so I am asking for assistance. I normally use 3x scale in order to have the RetroArch menu be a decent size, however this causes size issues as different cores have different resolutions. For instance, handheld games tend to have an ok size but then games from N64 and Dreamcast are huge. If I change to 1x scale the the RetroArch window becomes quite small, and the game windows become very large. I have set Window Width to 1280 and Window Height to 720 but this seems to be ignored. If it matters I have Show Window Decorations on, Remember Window Position and Size off and WIndowed Fullscreen Mode on… Running Windows 10, RetorArch 1.8.4 and using Video gl with Screen Resolution 1920 x1080. Any one know how to get the RetroArch window to honor the Width and Height settings when at 1x?

In Settings - Video - Windowed Mode you can enable Remember Window Position and Size then RetroArch will use the values in Window Width and Window Height.

This function is a bit buggy, because it remembers the position of the window only after moving it at least one pixel, but the size will be the same across menu and cores.
Also you can’t manual resize the window on systems other than Windows with your mouse and then it will be remembered only if you move the window a bit.

If you have windowed fullscreen enabled, all those settings (3x, width, height…) are ignored and Retroarch scales according your screen resolution, so you must have changed something???

Have you made modifications in Settings - Video - Scaling - Aspect Ratio?
Or have you changed the overall screen resolution in Settings - Video - Output?

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Maybe I just need to clean my config as this same install has been updated for thee last 2 years I think. Maybe some cruft from config changes through the years? How would I go about resetting all RetroArch configs without losing my playlists? Anyway, I turned off Windows Fullscreen, turned on Remember Window Position and that seems to have done the trick so thank you very much.

Is there anyway to not have to use Windows Scale above 1x for the screen not to be tiny? Remember last position does work, but then it becomes odd when different cores have different resolutions. I.E. Mupen with 1280x960 is way too big with 3x window scale versus mGBA gameboy advanced games.

I would like to know this as well.