Windows tablet touch input problem

I’m using an Asus Vivotab Note 8 tablet running windows 10. Loading retroarch win32bit works, but i cant use the touchscreen to access any onscreen option in the UI (to download cores, set overlays, etc). I have no other inputs. I’ve read around the forum, it seems other users are using windows tablets just fine. What am i missing?

Also, I’m using retroarch version 1.2.2

You’ll need to turn on a control overlay or touch input in the menu using a keyboard/mouse first. On mobile OSes, touch support in menus is enabled by default, and control overlays are enabled when in-game. You’ll just have to turn those on manually.

Hi! I’m not able to turn the touchscreen on… Can you please give me the correct instruction to enable it?

Yes i have same problem. I want virtual controller on screen . How can I show touch controller on my windows tablet.

I’ll be following this.