Windows vs RetroPie and Badosera

Alright so, +i’ve assembled my retro PC which is my old PC with a bit of refresh on Ram and GPU, the rest was fine, so, since i’m nly using this PC for Retro, i’m using Windows with RetrArch installed on it and, well, it’s going well, i’m already having a blast However, few days ago, i just saw Badosera and RetroPie and, wowww, it was a fancy pancy Retro OS with all those images n stuff so, i wanted to ask for opinions do u guys recommend me to keep my current setup which is Windows and RetroArch with all those accurate cores and of course Volkum or do u think i should Switch this PC using Badosera or RetroArch OS ? what do u think ?

I would probably recommend keeping your setup since it’ll give more flexibility than using those dedicated systems. Ultimately if what interests you in those systems is emulationstation (the frontend with “images n stuff”), you got tons of options for frontends like that on your current setup (hyperspin, launchbox, …)


Windows of course. And you can still use emulation station.

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Windows, and LaunchBox (BigBox) It’s highly customizable and way easier to setup than it was a few years ago.

I recently had to redo my entire build, and I’m pretty impressed with how good it looks.

Just an example (because everyone’s BigBox setup is different) I have this video. I have some super-quick gameplay of various games, but you can see what the frontend looks in between those moments.

I don’t understand why, but you’ll have to rewind it. It always shares a little ways into the video.


Ok so, i dived in and, yeah you guys all right windows actually has way more advanced APIs which are used in various emulation software which can gives way more accurate and intense emulation experience which, Linux is still behind i mean in general, Windows is more popular choice for gamers, well u can game on Mac OS, sorta, but it never be a windows experience so, i guess yeah, my current option is the best
anyway, thanks for all the info probably gonna check out the Big Box

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woww, man ur really an expert on Battletoads

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Haha thanks! Battletoads-Double Dragon was one of my favorite Genesis games growing up so I’ve just played it a lot over the years.

Glad to hear you’re sticking with windows, I think it’s gonna give you the most versatile range of options.