Wonderswan emulation question

I’m running into issues with the wonderswan core in retroarch (mednafen_wswan_libretro) it loads some games fine, however most games load to a white or black screen and the system just hangs there. Is anyone else having an issue with that core? The reason I ask is because in addition to a PC that I’m testing retroach on now, I also have a raspberry pi 3 with retropie / retroarch and I don’t have any issues running wonderswan games on the under powered raspberry pi 3. I’ve ran all my games through clrmamepro using the latest NO-Intro dat files so I know my roms are correct.

Here’s an example of a rom that isn’t loading but it should be

Buffers Evolution (Japan)

CRC32: B25A0635

MD5: 9B15B2236CAE605F7BC3BEA3859FDD36

SHA-1: 35EEA568F756BACF533BB9AAAD7E3239BA00E411

looks like a core problem, same happens here on Linux