Wooden handheld game console running Lakka

I made a wooden handheld game console powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 and running Lakka. I thought it would be great to share. I documented the fabrication process and shared all the necessary files on that blog: https://www.makehaven.org/blog/wooden-handheld-game-console


dang, that turned out fantastic! Great craftsmanship and a really exhaustive, detailed writeup. Thanks for sharing it!

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Have you checked how we did input without arduino on gamegirl?

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Thank you. I just checked and it looks like you use uinput and wiringPi, is that right? Unfortunately I couldn’t do that for two different reasons:

  • I use the Adafruit Kippah for the display which means I only have 6 gpio pins left (I used two of them for the volume control). I used the Kippah for design/mechanical reasons, HDMI connectors take too much space.
  • I have two joysticks which means I need 4 analog inputs and the Raspberry Pi does not have any ADC The Teensy 2.0 was really the easiest option in that case.

On another topic, why have you chosen to embed yourselves a SoC onto the PCB instead of using a Raspberry Pi compute module?

Hi buddy, to be frank didn’t try it out yet but have drafted and bookmarked this details. Will for sure go through this and let you know.

Regards, Xade Bekham https://dltutuapp.com/tutuapp-download/ . https://kodi.software/ .