Wooting Two keyboard broke controler input

Since I started using a new Wooting Two keyboard (which has analogue keys and can emulate a controller) I’ve not been able to use my wireless Xbox 360 controller in RetroArch (works fine on Steam games though). Not in the menus and not in any games.

When I start RetroArch messages at the bottom read:

100%: XInput Controller (User 1) configured in port #0. 100%: XInput Controller (User 4) configured in port #3. 100%: XInput Controller (User 3) configured in port #2. 100%: XInput Controller (User 2) configured in port #1.

That’s with the Input Driver set to dinput and Joypad Driver set to xinput as it is by default (and when it used to work).

If I change Joypad Driver to dinput I get:

100%: Controller (WootingTwo) (1003/65282) not configured. 100%: Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows) (1118/673) not configured. 100%: Controller (WootingTwo) (1003/65282) not configured.

since it’s seeing your keyboard as a gamepad, it looks like it’s assigning it to P1 but it doesn’t have any mapping for it.

You’ll need to go into settings > input > port 1 binds and change the device index to your 360 pad.

There is a utility, devreorder, that can help you assign those devices to a static, reproducible location.

Thanks! that fixed it.

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