Working configuration for Gamecube controller rumble in Dolphin core?

I have a Mayflash 4 port Gamecube controller adapter that I’m trying to use for multiplayer Gamecube games with the Dolphin core. The issue I’m having is that when something happens in game that should cause a controller to rumble, some percentage of the time that controller will start rumbling and not stop until the next in-game rumble event. This happens whether or not the Retroarch menu option to enable rumble is set. I don’t know whether it’s an issue with my adapter, the drivers for it, the Dolphin core, Retroarch, or my OS (Linux Mint 19). So I’m writing to find out whether anyone has a working configuration allowing them to play Gamecube games with Gamecube controllers without this rumble issue, in the hopes that I can emulate parts of their setup.

Do any of you use Gamecube controllers for Gamecube games and not have this issue?