Write Protection of Retroarch.cfg?

Hey, there must be some hidden write protection of my Retroarch.cfg file going on (not shown under file properties in windows) which prevents me from changing some important stuff like switching to direct input for my controller input. Is there a way to change that?

Thank you

Where is your retroarch.cfg located?
Have you full read/write access to this location?

From the docs:

If you pick the 7z archive package, extract it in a folder that doesn’t require administrator permissions such as C:\Users\yourusername\RetroArch or any other drive. Don’t extract it to Program Files or your Windows folder. This could case some issues.

Hey, thanks for the answer…it is located under C:\Retroarch…

So this may be a problem as it is my Windows SSD drive…gonna try and move it on my HDD i guess…

Okay, so the whole Retroarch Folder is Write Protected for some reason…and i can’t change it regardless of the save location…i can uncheck the Box, click OK…it does its thing removing the file protection…no error messages…but at the end the box is still checked if i go under properties of the folder…

Yes, this is the default behaviour on windows for folders, but it doesn’t matter (dont ask why, i dont know)
Check if the files inside have that box enabled as well (usually not)

Yeah, well, i cant figure it out…my guess is that there is a setting about write protection in Retroarch that i seem to cant find.