Wrong button arrangement?


I want to play RetroArch with a controller. More specifically, I have a controller app on my phone, it’s called MAXJoypad and it looks like this:

Why is RetroArch now saying the B button is down, for example? so neither the ads nor the buttons in the games are correct.

I don’t think it’s the MAXJoypad app. A normal Xbox controller has exactly the same arrangement of buttons.

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RetroArch uses a virtual gamepad–called the ‘retropad’–to communicate with cores: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/input-and-controls/#what-is-a-retropad

It has the face buttons labeled Nintendo-style, with B on the bottom. As long as you match up your pad’s input locations with the images on the left side of the button name, you should be good to go.

But everyone has an Xbox controller at home. Then how can it be that RetroArch brought someone else? Sure, for the retro feel. But an Xbox controller should be supported mainly because such a. everybody has.

Sure, lots of people do. But lots of people also have PS-style controllers, and lots of others have Nintendo Pro controllers. The button labels are arbitrary and will never please everyone, which is why we also have the pictures beside them.

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I’ve been using Playstation controllers for over 10 years now, nothing against Xbox controllers and I do prefer a DS4 as it has the touchpad which can be used on emulators with touch features, DS, 3DS, Vita and even Wii as a cursor, or I can use it as a mouse for simple stuff when far from the screen as well. So maybe not everyone has a Xbox controller, I did have the second model from the original Xbox, adapted to use on my PC and I liked it, but it was a long time ago. Would be cool if I had it still, can’t remember what happened to it, though.

I just checked again, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller actually has a different button layout than an Xbox controller. I don’t know if I’m seeing this wrong, but when I switch to controller mode in a computer game, the buttons are displayed in the HUD like with an Xbox controller. That’s why I see one like that as a bit standard and don’t understand why I can’t play with one like that.