X Box Series S Emulation, any good?

Anyone set up Retroarch for their Xbox Series S? Is it easy to do. Im so tempted to buy a Series S.

it is easy, but you will need a developer account which costs 20€/$

but if you follow the many tutorials on Youtube you will be set up in no time. there are also ways to get it running in Retail mode (the normal console mode) but that’s a bit more tricky nowadays. (for a period of time you could get on a whitelist of someone’s upload who set it up as a developer/press test version basically. so your account can download and install Retroarch as well as an FTP app and PPSSPP standalone (also a port of AM2R, aka. “Another Metroid 2 Remake”) but he closed free whitelists for now

I have installed it on a Series S to replace my Nvidia Shield TV. So far I like it. The Xbox is way more powerful than the Shield, so Arcade, GameCube and PS2 is better on the Xbox. N64 and Dreamcast uses open Gl, so the Shield have the advantage there. One big positive surprise, is that the Series S is very silent.

Hi, i just signed here but i just have one question and i don’t know how to use the forum yet, i am playing a lot of PS2 games on retroach with the PCSX2 Libretro core but, when i want to play a 4 players game i can’t, because i can’t config the multitap, is there a solution or does not anyone has heard about this problem ? Thank You

Series S is actually great for emulating. The Series X is even better.