X ray radiation health concerns and custom resolutions

MAYBE MY CONCERNS ARE JUST STUPID but i’ll leave it there

So i was looking into my crt monitor manual and i had read that in order to avoid x radiation exposure the monitor should be kept around 25kv the biggest amount of pixel clock over my monitor with custom res is 153mhz with 3840 x 480 being the largest custom res i have, i don’t know how much that increases voltage consumption but maybe has become a lot, my monitor is a compaq s7500, and i had heard that apparently crt last monitors had a mechanism to prevent displaying dangerous dangerous resolutions that could overclock too much the monitor to emit x ray radiation, but after reading the service manual i’m a bit concern about those 153mhz so that’s why i downscaled my custom resolutions to 1920 and i don’t have a multimeter to measure the voltage in an accurate way, maybe i could be wrong and res doesn’t have that much to be with voltage, but just in case i did that, but i wanna know the opinion of an electronics expert and maybe crt expert or something

I don’t think you’d want to attempt to measure voltages in the 25,000 Volt range using a multimeter…just saying…remember what happened to that one cat who was curious.

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