Xbone elite controller - can’t map controls to certain buttons

Hey all. I was just wondering if anybody else has had a problem with (title). Specifically, I am unable to map controls to the X A Y B , as well as LB RB. Tested controller and is working fine. Drivers up to date.
I’m on windows 7 using retroarch.

Thanks a lot for your time friends.

Do you have Steam open?

Hi everyone, I have a problem similar to this: on playstation2 games (PCSX2 core) when I press the square, cross, triangle and circle buttons they all have a double effect. Example: with round, in addition to shooting, move the camera to the right as if you were also moving the right pad, with a cross, as well as jumping, move the camera down, etc., etc.

In the controller configuration there is nothing wrong with the core settings, I do not find anyone to do this for, I have tried to change controller types and once configured in the correct way for all the same problem! do you by any chance know if I am wrong or there is some other voice that I am not using? mine is the latest version of retrarch 64bit for windows 10 and I have neither steam nor origin open, Thank you!