Xbox 1 RetroArch Coming Back?

Is this true?

I’m hoping someone from the devteam can comment on this as my Xbox 1 is still going strong as an emulation box. It may not support 240p like the Wii, but it has a HDD which allows large rom supports in a few emulators.

We hope so, yeah. We’ve been doing a lot of work on old Windows/D3D compatibility lately, and that should spill over into OGXBOX. However, we will not be hosting any builds ourselves, due to the legality of the SDK, so you’ll have to look around for them if/when the time comes.

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That’s great news! hopefully it will be announced on the main page.

I’ve seen it was mentioned in a blog post, do you think we’ll be seeing an Xbox OG Retroarch in 2018?

Looks like it was just released. Any info on what cores are available?