XBox 360 Controller Issue Start Button Closes Retoarch


After mapping Retroarch to my Xbox 360 Controller on my Win 10 PC, when I launch a PS1 game and try to hit start on controller to start a game it closes Retroarch. How do I fix this issue?


You probably mapped one button to quit I guess? Check input hotkey binds.


Been looking through the binds and can’t find anything?


If you move your retroarch.cfg to another directory temporarily, does it fix it? If not, the problem likely lies outside of RetroArch.


I’m on Windows 7 and have my XBOX One controller wired into my computer. I have found whenever I accidentally hit the XBOX button in the middle of the controller, my computer Shuts Retroarch and brings up the windows help menu. I just unplug the controller and then back in and it’s back to normal. Just something that’s strange but is definitely outside of Retro Arch.


cant remember the correct setting name for this but you should check the software install together with the controller as there as option there to enable/disable that middle xbox button. when i was on Win10 usign xbox 360 had to do the same.


In windows go to settings then add/remove software then just uninstall the Xbox accessories 1.2 (I think it’s called that) then you won’t have that issue anymore.

PS. That just uninstalls the guide app not the drives for the controller


I had the same problem. It was caused by steam running in background. After closing steam, the start-button didnt close retroarch anymore.